Civil Engineering Works
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Structural engineering

Major International Collaborations

Since 1994, we have been active in the design and supervision of structural and geotechnical works, ranging from residential construction to major civil engineering works.
The experience gained over the years ensures the highest quality standards in the field of seismic and geotechnical computational analyses, even of particular complexity, allowing us to optimise the final product.
We work in the field of reinforced concrete, steel, aluminium, masonry and timber buildings, integrating structural design and related geotechnical aspects such as retaining walls, reinforced concrete diaphragms, tie rods and support elements for excavation stability into a single solution.


Our strengths

In detail:

We specialise in seismic vulnerability analyses of existing buildings, by means of linear and non-linear analyses, on which we develop possible seismic improvement and adaptation interventions.

  • Design and supervision of structural and geotechnical works.
  • Detailed computational analysis for complex structures and soil-structure interactions.
  • Anti-seismic interventions on existing buildings.
  • Calculation consultancy.

Other Structural Engineering Projects